Do It Afraid!

Hello Gorgeous!! Ok, I will admit... I have neglected to send consistent blog posts for you. For that I apologize!! I thank the many of you whom have reached out to me! I have been WERKING!!! We all have been there, right! Busy. Working. Living Life.... I know that you have set goals yet some of you are fearful of going after it! Fearful of making that next move! Why? Is it because you are afraid or because you are unsure of what to do next? For those who are afraid,…

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Loving Yourself is NOT a Battle!

I remember a few years back; having a conversation with a very close friend of mine.  We were discussing things that we wanted out of life.  Most of my friendships and relationships with others,  we ALWAYS tend to talk about Goals and Plans that we want for ourselves in life.  I remember telling her that I wanted to Love Myself. Some of us have been through so much in our lives that we quickly forget how to Love ourselves.  When I was younger, I can recall getting into fights, others talking…

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Luxurious Mommy Spa Day!

So I am constantly talking about the importance of Self Care and how important it is to make sure you allow time for yourself while you are doing Motherly duties.  Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to schedule time along next to me was one of my Sweet Friends who also needed some rejuvenation time.  We found a new Spa and instantly fell in LOVE!! Upon arrival, the staff members greeted us with Mimosa beverages, croissants, chocolates, berries and fruit-infused water.  They guided us into a tranquil room filled…

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