Do It Afraid!

Hello Gorgeous!! Ok, I will admit... I have neglected to send consistent blog posts for you. For that I apologize!! I thank the many of you whom have reached out to me! I have been WERKING!!! We all have been there, right! Busy. Working. Living Life.... I know that you have set goals yet some of you are fearful of going after it! Fearful of making that next move! Why? Is it because you are afraid or because you are unsure of what to do next? For those who are afraid,…

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Keeping the Sexy in Jamaica: Vacationing Under the Sun

So I took some time to Relax, Release Stress & Explore with my Hubby on a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Yeah, Mon! My Brother and his Wife attend as well! Oh we had such a fabulous time from the beginning to end. Not only would I like to share my amazing photo ops with you below, I also want to explain how important it is to TRAVEL and see the World. You see, I have noticed that many Americans (African-Americans of my Culture) do not really set aside time to…

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