No More Volunteer, Become a Paid Speaker eGuide


Listen Up! Others reach out to you because your message is LIT!! This is exactly why other markets are contacting you!  If you are anything like me, I believe that your time is valuable.  Learn how to stop volunteering your services and Learn How to Become a Paid Speaker! This e-guide is written to give you tips on making it happen! Make 2018 your year!

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Author: She's Ready Inc.™ A Mom's Guide to Being Fabulous!

As a wife, mother of two and CEO of my own business I share with my husband, I am no stranger to the unique plight of ‘balancing it all’.  Having achieved a Master’s degree in Business, I have  recognized the void of platforms that fully cater to the fashionable and business savvy mom.  Therefore, starting my motivational blog of She's Ready Inc. a Mom's Guide To Being Fabulous! Amidst my inner circle of friends, I am always eager to provide tips and tidbits for managing a full plate. I now have combined my love for style and Mompreneurship, to produce the innovative new brand and looking to inspire you all!

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