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IMG_2390.jpgHave you ever been in a headspace where you felt stuck on “What to do Next?” Should you start your Business? Maybe you are unaware of the logistics it takes to actually RUN a lucrative business.  If you do, what are the elements that you need to put in place so that you are able to stay focused and SLAY your goals?  Sometimes, we just need a little kick to get us started. What qualifies me and how can I help, you ask? My extensive background hosts a Bachelor’s in Communication with a Master’s in Business. I have experience in the Newspaper Industry related to Advertising, Marketing, Print and Media. In addition, I have been running my own business for the past 14 years and currently enjoy working for myself. My platform is not only to Motivate and Inspire Mothers around the World but also to encourage Women to break out into the Entrepreneurial World READY to secure their financial future! I did it with the Grace of God and I will inspire you to do it too!

Below, are products you are able to invest, in order to unlock a plethora of Business Strategies used to take you to the next level of where you want to be! And it’s NOT JUST FOR BUSINESS OWNERS, if you are eager to climb that corporate ladder and have NO IDEA where to begin, my products and services will also help you get to the destination you have always dreamed of.  I am excited to meet with you and can’t want for you to see what I have in store.  Enjoy, She’s Ready For Business!!


Untitled design-4The Ultimate Guide To Building a Bad Ass Business: WERKbook! (Paperback-$25.00)  It’s time to really focus on your goals and take your career & income to the next level! Funny thing is, we really have no clue where to begin. Use this workbook to find out how a Millennial Mother of two, broke out of Corporate America and built a Million Dollar Business from scratch with her husband. This Kick Ass Planning Guide will help you narrow your approach and focus on that next step you want to take when advancing in your Career or Building your Business & Brand! It is eloquently designed (quick read) with the Busy Woman in mind who is motivated to ultimately Slay Her Goals!! Enjoy!

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Building Your Brand! The Pinkprint: 6-Week Course

Building Your Brand! The Pinkprint-6 Week Coaching Course: $347.00

Let’s Get It…Together!! Are you building a New Business or you need help with your current one!? If so, I would LOVE to become your Personal Branding Coach! As your Coach, we will completely transform your platform over the next 6-weeks so that you are funneling the income you WANT and finally HAPPY! After your [FREE] Get To Know You Session, Your Pinkprint Course will consist of weekly 45-60-minute conference calls to discuss your Brand, tools on making your Business different from the rest and Powerful Resources that will help you bank the income you desire! Take a step into Financial Freedom & Investing in your future! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m Ready to Build My Brand!

PR and Marketing Course PicBuilding Your Brand! The Rose -Gold-3 Week Coaching Course: $247.00

With the Rose Gold package, you and I work together intimately for 3 weeks: Week by Week (3) we cover MAJOR Marketing & PR content strategies to Ultimately Grow Your Brand! You will also receive a Paperback Copy of: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Bad Ass Business,  (2) EBooks:  How to Become Your Own PR Agent, Access to (2) Webinars of choice presented by She’s Ready Inc., Social Media Business Page set up or CLEAN UP, Access to Private Network of Women, Podcast Interview to promote your Business AND Business Directory Listing!

I’m Ready For the PR & Marketing Course!



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