Healthy Living

In the mist of a Healthy Lifestyle, you must make sure you feed your body with foods that will help keep your body curvy and sexy!! I wanted to share a few pics of “Yummy Goodness” that I prepare for my family to make sure we are consistently eating well! Please note, I am a Mother and during the week I do not have much time to cook full-blown “Holiday” meals LOL…. therefore, the majority of my choices are Healthy, Quick and Easy!! Enjoy!

I enjoy cooking to help me un-wind from a VERY busy day… Crab Legs, Corn & Sausage
Little bit of “Mommy Juice” on deck!
Seafood Meal: BEFORE
Seafood Meal: AFTER
Catfish Meal: Before
Catfish Meal: After
Omg!! Eating Clean is a task but sooooo worth it!
Spaghetti made with Ground Chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers and onion
Season with perfection and Bon Appetit!
Add your side items! Don’t forget your veggies…. P.S. I like cheese on top of my spaghetti






woman practicing yoga

So if you are anything like me, I am ALWAYS ON THE GO! Sometimes I rarely have time for myself.  Over time, I have learned to that I must TAKE TIME for myself.  That started with waking up earlier.  I often found myself sluggish, tired and ready to go to bed! It was time to look at my patterns and what I was doing wrong.  I wasn’t taking care of my body.  I wasn’t training my body to WANT to be  healthy. I was going and going but not taking care of my temple. Sound familiar?

I began to notice that each day, at the end of the day, when I wanted to workout; my children either had a project due, needed to study for a test or I was swamped with work.  With that being said, this left no time to take care of me.  I realized, if I’m not taking care of myself, I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family.  Funny thing is, I couldn’t figure out a time or place.  And because I was on a strict budget, I refused to add another bill by getting a membership to a gym.

Where does that lead us?….. You have to WAKE UP EARLIER and take care of YOU!! Try getting up at 5:30am or 6am to get your day started.  All you really need is 30 minutes.  If you are feeling adventurous; take 1 hour.  I have been screaming from the rooftop to STRETCH YOUR BODY! If you don’t like the rigorous workout; practice yoga or Pilates.  I started with yoga.  Don’t worry how you look, it’s just you!  I used this time to pray and ask for strength.  I also began to think of plans for myself and my family.  I wanted to focus and take time for ME for a change.

This is not meant to be selfish; however, you have to look at yourself and figure out, how you are going to calm down.  Wouldn’t you like to increase your stamina? I know you want to look good in that dress you are trying to squeeze back into.  Yes, you still got it sweetie!!

I challenge you to begin training yourself. Starting TOMORROW MORNING, wake up before the sun.  Go to a quite area in your home. Relax. Breathe. Pray. And take care of you.  I guarantee you will begin to feel better. Empowered. Ready to take care of your responsibilities head on!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment or share your experiences. You are not alone.