Make a Fashion Statement

Hey Momma’s!!! Let’s take a look into the fashion part of your life…. It’s time to switch it up a little! A lot of us tend to go for comfort and that’s cool; however, looking under groomed each day is not appealing at all. You will find dressing up, just a tad, will take your self-esteem from 5 to 30 in an instant! I have provided a few cute looks for you to begin.

I have found that a lot of us (busy mothers) want to look nice but just have no clue where to start. Continue to visit under Fashion for bomb inspiration!!

I hope you like them!!


Paint me Red: Yes Momma! This Boss look is intended for the mom on the go yet poised.  The classic red coat will keep you warm yet, stylish at the same time. Don’t forget those lips.


Fur & Bootie: If you are out shopping, attending an event or just on the go….. adding a little faux fur with a cute little bootie will definitely have you looking polished in an instant.


Pretty in Pink: All it takes is just a little pop of color to brighten up any outfit of your choice! Take a basic look and make it sexy.


Black On Black: is always sexy for any occasion. As a mom, you want to look for pieces that accentuate your figure and cause those who admire you, look twice!


Show Some Leg: Come one now!! You have been running, walking hills, riding bikes, jogging around a track…. Well, if you haven’t, get on it now! It’s never a crime to show a little leg and this outfit is aimed to do just that.

File Aug 06, 6 52 03 PM

Classic Pearls: Can dress up any outfit and is perfect from a busy work day to a relaxing Happy Hour! Try searching for pieces to keep you looking like a Business woman yet a confident Mom who knows where she’s going.

File Aug 06, 6 55 00 PM

Casual Chic: Perfect look for a shopping day with the girls (or yourself). Keep in mind when shopping that you want a simple look so you can try clothes on and off yet you want to look well put together so sales reps will actually WANT to help you. Lol!!

I hope the looks above, have given you a start on how to care a little more about your personal appearance as a busy mom. Make sure you come back often to check out more sassy looks put together for Fabulous Moms in mind.