5 Reasons Why Your Staff Does Not Respect You and How You Can Gain It Back!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get your staff to see your vision, goals and to complete simple tasks? The major reason why you are the only one who sees the future of your company is simply because your team lacks the Mission Statement of the Business. Have you ever taken the time to express to your team your goals, where you plan to take the business and what’s in it for them? Did you know that most employees do not stay with their employers because they feel unappreciated? Below…

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Make Team Building Fun & Fabulous!

I absolutely LOVE MY TEAM!!!! When I tell you I had a BLAST with them during an awesome Educational Conference, it was EPIC!!🤗 My goal as their Leader is to show them how to organize their schedules to make their jobs more productive, become effective teachers, empower them to go further and BECOME EXCELLENT in everything they do!! Not only did we have the opportunity to learn about various subjects pertaining to our industry, we supported one another with completing team building projects and engaged in content designed to help us…

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Organizing your Business to fit the needs of your Audience

Life is Sweet, isn’t it!? Well sometimes.... other times, life can you feeling confused, worried and stressed TF OUT! We can not control things that will occur during our lifetime but we can control HOW to we choose to allow things to happen or not. Let’s take for instance your business. It’s not going as planned. You have purchased all the glitz & glam and even added a sparkly bow to it. Meaning, you have put your all into it only to find that your business is at a STAND STILL! …

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