Girl, it’s time to network!! 5 Easy ways to grow your connections, today.

Girl, it’s time to network!! 5 Easy ways to grow your connections, today.

Listen when I say, get networking in your calendar, NOW!

Some of us tend to shy away from networking; however, I’ve realized that the lack of networking was killing my business! Realizing that we need to grow, we should figure out how to do it fast. I can say that although networking can be a daunting task, do not allow it to consume your fears. You are the head of your business, and for it to grow and people learn about you, you must become your biggest cheerleader and connect.

If you have watched the Live Facebook or Social Media masterclasses, you will hear us mentioned never fear walking up and talking to other people. Honestly, they are people just like you.

Allow me to share a transparent moment with you. The comment I have just shared with you popped in my mind immediately when I approached a radio personality! She was gorgeous, beautiful, kind, and knowledgeable. I thanked her for following my platform and gave gratitude. She was pretty receptive to everything as well!! Afterward, I connected with another woman who was the CEO of a great magazine. As the day went on, I met an ambassador for a natural hairline. Each woman gave me advice on things that I asked about; each loved the She’s Ready Inc. brand and mentioned they found value in the product I offered and to keep with it. I must admit that boosted my self-esteem a little! Lol!

Being afraid of ANYTHING when it comes to your business or career is a No-No in the community! If you want to get further in life, GO AFTER IT!

Did you know:

95% of professionals consider face-to-face communication vital for long-term business. -Forbes

Here a few tips to follow when networking:

Introduce Yourself Right on:

Who you are, what you do. At this moment, it is the perfect time to recite your elevator pitch. You should be able to rattle off who you are and what you do and WHY you do it. When you can confidently introduce yourself without say, “Ummmmm” you are well on your way to getting your foot in the door. You will find that more individuals will want to hear more from you. Moreover, if you don’t know, ask about them in return.

Give a classic business card:

Your cards should be fresh and new. If you think they will lose or toss it, who cares, it helps set the tone. In return, get theirs. Use it to follow up and connect with them at a later time. Utilize this time to make a quick search and find a company that can send you an excellent business card grade and ships them to you right away.

Be Confident!

They are people just like you! What are you fearing? It’s ok to want to be professional and make sure you are well put together but never become nervous because you are 2nd guessing your “vibe.” Be YOU and being confident will speak volumes for yourself and what your company can bring to them.

Smile and be sincere!

Welcome the information they are giving you, and smile when giving them your information.

The MAGIC of the Follow Up!

Never tell someone that you will follow up with them, have lunch, coffee, whatever if you have absolutely no intentions of doing so. Do not become this person. Follow up even if it’s a simple email, DM, comment on Social Media. You never know what a simple follow-up message could do for the next promotion you wanted or new knowledge viable to your business.

Let me end it right here. Networking is a necessity when building. Connecting with like-minded individuals will only increase the credibility of our business. As I mentioned to all of my Think Pink members, you will not grow your business or networking circle by sitting on the couch, in your house, or sitting in the corner on your phone! Brush up, Polish that crown and get that coin!


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