Finding Employees During a Pandemic

Finding Employees During a Pandemic

While our country is in the middle of a crisis, you can not afford to lose staff members. Your business needs you, your customers who invest in your product need you, and your family needs you too. However, during this pandemic (that no one expected), we are always faced with illness, high-turnover, and temporary staff. “This is a problem, and what are you going to do about it” you frequently say to yourself. 

If your company is anything like mine, we are essential workers meaning the pandemic must be non-existent in our eyes. We have to keep moving forward; however, with proper contingency plans in place. But how can you do that when your team is not as strong as it was once before? 

The most important thing to do at this time is not to panic. Simply put, your business can not stop flourishing, and you have to take every step to push your business more than you have in the past. Just think, what worked before you must duplicate your efforts times ten if you want to stay on top. A word of advice would be DO NOT LOSE FAITH! 

Allow me to use my current business as an example….. 

Below are some tips that we want to share with you to get you on your way to getting the BEST talent on your team. 

Use small pockets of downtime to create actionable steps for your team

By creating goals for your team, you will likely express your business needs and how your team can help you get there. Writing a strong SWOT Analysis will keep you accountable and outline what your team should focus on and not. You also want to find more inviting ways to entice others to come and work for your company. You can do this by highlighting your company mission statement, your company philosophy, and why working with you is a great choice. Since you are unsure of the impact the pandemic will have on your business, it is imperative to figure out what steps you need to take to keep up with your business and exceed your competitors. As a successful business owner, you must keep up with your industry and what your competitors are doing, then figure out what you can do better.    

 Over hire the number of people you need

Invest in job boards where you know your company’s employment advertisement is seen. There is nothing worse than trying to hire, and your efforts are going unnoticed. Once you have found the most powerful job board for your market, continue to refresh your ad at least once every week to ensure your ad is listed at the top of the page. Also, by writing down how many new Team Members you need to join your team, add (2) to your number, and hire more than you need. As business owners, it’s our job to recognize what we lack and not put ourselves in positions to be left without. Since you never know what staff member may become ill and may call-in, your show must still go on! Trust me when I say your efforts to overhire will not go in vain.   

Create a contingency plan to address the novel coronavirus and stick to it.

This may include but is not limited to extra precautions to keep you and your team safe from getting sick. For example, investing in facial masks for yourself, your team, and your customers. It may be ideal to have an auto-order of masks come directly to your company per month. Also, installing a permanent protective window to protect you and your clients. Moreover, having full discussions with your housekeeping department (or company) adds additional sanitation and disinfectant measures. Finally, adding temperature checks will do wonders for what you allow in your business. Not only will these measures protect your investment, but they will also protect you and your staff’s health. You will find that your customers will thank you for it.    

Please keep track of your staff who consistently call in and share your paper trail with them.

You may experience a huge stress factor during this time when there are consistent call-ins from your team members who may have been in contact with someone with covid or may have covid themselves. Remember, it is our job to keep our team and clients safe, and therefore, these individuals can not come to work. However, this will pose a huge problem to your bottom line if you do not gain hold of those who consistently call-in. Keeping a paper trail to document how many times a team member is absent and why will highlight their performance and your need to hire their replacement.  

Praise those who go over and beyond for you! 

Top reasons employees are looking or would consider leaving their company were compensation, career advancement and lack of recognition (Achievers).

This pandemic is taking a lot out of all of us. We never thought we would experience things, depression, confusion, illness, and most of all, death. The phycological experiences that the pandemic can easily hinder the performance of your team members. Please express empathy and be there for them. It may take a lot for a person to push their anxieties, stressors, and fears just to come to work—the most we can do as employers and express gratitude to those who work with us. 

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