5 Biggest Problems Small Businesses Face and How You Can Avoid It!

5 Biggest Problems Small Businesses Face and How You Can Avoid It!

Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to have an idea, develop a plan and build the business….. but NOW you have to retain it! Yikes!!

Many small businesses fail because they face the problems listed below:

⤵️. ⤵️. ⤵️. ⤵️. ⤵️

1️⃣ Cash Flow & Lack of Income

2️⃣ Proper Marketing

3️⃣ Targeting & Retaining Customers

4️⃣ Strategic Leadership

5️⃣ Seeking & Retaining the RIGHT Team Members

Insane, right!?

Listen to me when I tell you while being in business since 2003, I GET IT!! Been there!!

A lot of us may find it difficult to actually save for the total dollar amount we need for our businesses because we are spending so much to actually live! Bills are due. However, a huge idea is to LIVE BROKE for a while and only take care of what you NEED not WANT. With the additional dollars you have saved, use it to invest in yourself. Also, create a monthly savings goal dedicated to your future business. Not only will you feel a sense of, “Yaaaeeessss Baby! My Business is well on its way,” you are also able to track how close you are to Financial Freedom!

Once your business is built, continue to educate yourself on Marketing and what your audience would want from you. Once you fulfill the needs, wants and desires of your niche, you will find yourself scaling your monthly goals like crazy.

So you question, ‘Where the heck to do find my audience? How can I target them?’

Simple, find out their habits, hobbies and personalities. Where are they likely to search? WHY do they need you? What can you offer them that others can’t?

On the other hand, many of us have businesses that are running fantastically! Champagne toasts are in order for you! 🥂

Sure, you are slaying goals, you are making the monies you want; however, are you embracing the STAFF who also work with you!!? Are you investing in them? Their growth? Their development? Are you encouraging them? Do you provide opportunities for growth within the company?

This goes hand in hand with Strategic Leadership and how important it is to retain the right team.

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It’s time you invest in yourself, today!! 💖 Time waits for NO ONE!

Let’s get it girl!!

YES!! I Am Ready To Change My Financial Status!

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