Take a break from Business!

Take a break from Business!

Sometimes it’s ok to take a break from Business!!

Funny, I kept telling my clients this time after time, allow moments of serenity, peace, moments of reflection; however, I wasn’t doing this for myself. Why!? I deserved time to myself but I was too afraid to take it, in fear my businesses would suffer. When in fact, this caused me to be irritable, tired, restless and unmotivated. I couldn’t give anyone the service I wanted because I was uninspired to do it.

So now you are thinking to yourself, what does this have to with Business, Branding and Leadership!? Well, it has everything to do with it.

I want you to spend this week focusing on you. I’ve begun to read biblical devotionals on business (simply because I needed to recharge my thought process). I am encouraging you to remind yourself what a true boss you are and that doesn’t require you to tire yourself silly trying to “look busy” rather than being PRODUCTIVE!

‘If you’re tired and worn out, it means that you’re working in your own strength versus allowing God’s strength to be made perfect in your weakness in your business. Jesus provides you with this offer — keep company with Him through your life and work, and He will be your teacher and show you how to work from rest in an unforced rhythm of grace’.

-Grace Over Grind devotion.

Read: Matthew 11: 28-30

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So, what can we do to RELAX, RECLAIM and RESURFACE? 

1️⃣Understand that it’s difficult to lead your team if your mind does not have clarity.

2️⃣Keep your brand fresh by researching your industry for only 1-2 hours a week.

3️⃣Give yourself permission to STOP working at a reasonable time… the rest can wait until the next business day.

4️⃣Allow yourself REST! This gives your brain a chance to function effectively so you can slay flawlessly.

5️⃣Believe that you deserve time to yourself. Treat yourself to a full SPA DAY every quarter!

Listen to me when I tell you to stop telling yourself how much you have to get done. Face the fact that nothing will be done in a day. I am not persuading you to procrastinate by any means but simply highlighting that you can get a lot done in a day and there will still be more to do. What does that mean?…… REST 💋

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  1. Biblical devotions are amazing it reminds us to keep God first in our business(es) as well as our personal life. Thanks for the tips! Every entrepreneur should recharge and reconnect with God often, it allows us to understand our purpose and who our provider is. It’s almost like a phone when our battery is low we charge it, we have to disconnect for things within the world and connect with God (the plug). This will allow us to have a full battery to pour into our business and others!

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