Professing My Love For Business!

Professing My Love For Business!

I absolutely LOVE Business!! Anything that requires a Woman to network, learn, teach, connect, research, scale and look flawlessly fabulous in her own way, EXCITES ME!!!

Over the years I have noticed a huge change within Women and how we do business, for there is so much to learn from one another.

Did you know:

Women-owned businesses employ 9.2 million people in the U.S

I remember back when I was a child, I began my baby sitting service! Watching my younger cousins and siblings just so I could buy my own K-Swiss and Tretorn shoes! 🤣🤣. Soon after, I became a Teen-Peer Educator at Planned Parenthood talking to teens my age about protective sex and teenage pregnancy prevention. As I became older I modeled for several modeling agencies in my city and paid my way through undergraduate school and bought my 1st BMW!! Yaaaeeesssss 🥰

As my life went on, I worked for my local newspaper in advertising, marketing and sales as I was building my AMAZING childcare business I currently share with my husband.

You see, becoming a Business Woman has been birthed in me since a child. I want to encourage you to stop waiting for things to fall into your lap. Do not expect things to workout because you belive you deserve it. You have to get up and make it happen!!!

Stop what you are doing today and do something productive for your future. If that mean writing out a business plan

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or redesigning your current business plan, looking at yourself and changing your business relationships, perfecting your business etiquette, then do it!!


Get your journal out. Review your notes. Act on your findings!!! It’s time change the trajectory of your life and it starts today.

Connect with me, I would love for you to join me and other Women as we become Business Leaders within our industries!! I want to teach you everything I know and more!!!

You can do this and I promise, I will not let you fail!!! ❤️ 

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