5 Reasons Why Your Staff Does Not Respect You and How You Can Gain It Back!

5 Reasons Why Your Staff Does Not Respect You and How You Can Gain It Back!

Have you ever found yourself struggling to get your staff to see your vision, goals and to complete simple tasks? The major reason why you are the only one who sees the future of your company is simply because your team lacks the Mission Statement of the Business.

Have you ever taken the time to express to your team your goals, where you plan to take the business and what’s in it for them? Did you know that most employees do not stay with their employers because they feel unappreciated?

Below are some tips to help you change the trajectory of your team and overall business! 

1️⃣ Show an interest in what your staff member has going on in their professional lives. Example, are they looking to expand their network or further their education? 

2️⃣ Give praise when you see others grow and develop within their positions 

3️⃣ Ask for assistance and for them to give you innovative ideas. When others become apart of your brand they are more willing to help you see it grow. 

4️⃣ Learning how to listen THEN respond. Jumping to conclusions will only lessen your loyalty to your team. If you are always over-talking them and never listening, they will have a death ear to you. 

5️⃣ Lead by example!! Leadership is not a position, it’s an ACTION! When you are in Leadership, how you walk, talk, speak, listen, dress and treat others is what your team will pick up on and do the same.

If you want the environment of your business to change, YOU must change. For the better that is. No one wants to be a part of an organization where the Leader is selfish and unwilling to treat others with respect.

I want to gain the chance of helping you develop yourself and your business; for WE are strong women, ready to take on the world!

Let’s begin by developing your business plan. Whether you are new to the business or need to revamp your current one, click the link below and get going today!!! 

I want to develop my Business Plan

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