A Day with ‘HAMILTON’

A Day with ‘HAMILTON’

Special Mommy & Daughter Moment!! Our visit  to see the Broadway Musical ‘HAMILTON ‘🥰

Ok, sooooo I have been planning this moment for my daughter ever since I’ve heard her dancing and singing to the Historic Story of Hamilton-URBAN STYLE!!!! If you have not had the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack, please do after reading this post!! And go find tickets in your area!! 🤗.

I believe this musical should be MANDATORY for any History lesson and what better way to put it than in a fun, charismatic, smart, entertaining and unforgettable approach!!!

Watching my daughter as she cringed with excitement in every scene and storyline made my heart just melt…..even I learned SO MUCH that was never taught to me in any History/Social Studies Course. I felt like the happiest Mommy in the entire World.


Some moments may be small to others but to me, making my daughter happy was all I needed on today. I would rather see her learning and engaged in things with meaning rather than watching ratchet TV and involved in activities that keep her classless. Not on my watch. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I hope that she cherished this day as I have with her and my Mom. Children NEVER forget what parents do for them and to them and by showing her interest in what she SO LOVED was exactly what she needed from me as her Mom at the moment (Daddy made it all possible as well!).

She is my everything. My Best Friend. My World. Momma’s Baby Girl 😘


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