Make Team Building Fun & Fabulous!

Make Team Building Fun & Fabulous!

I absolutely LOVE MY TEAM!!!! When I tell you I had a BLAST with them during an awesome Educational Conference, it was EPIC!!🤗

My goal as their Leader is to show them how to organize their schedules to make their jobs more productive, become effective teachers, empower them to go further and BECOME EXCELLENT in everything they do!!

Not only did we have the opportunity to learn about various subjects pertaining to our industry, we supported one another with completing team building projects and engaged in content designed to help us maximize our positions effectively.  I noticed none of the Women were afraid to speak and participate and they all have intelligent and meaningful feedback. I found myself praising them for being so open and engaging. It made me feel whole as their Leader that they could effectively speak with substance and confidence. 

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napolean Hill

After all the learning and seriousness of the conference was over, I set aside TEAM BUILDING time where we stayed in a weekend home as a family. I showered them with personalized gifts including a travel bag, notebooks, affirmation written folders and so much more!! We laughed, played and bonded with one another. It was so needed for all of us considering the fact that business can be so stressful and draining. I allowed them to be themselves and let their hair down as we danced the night away in our “Ugly Pajama Night” attire!🤣🤣

Sure it’s all fun and games during this time but all in all, we enjoyed, regrouped and refreshed our personalities; therefore, giving us an opportunity to laugh and love on eachother to help create a stronger bond, dependability and better work environment.

I am SOOOOO looking forward to what the remainder of this this year and the following years will be for my Team! I’m so proud of them; for, individually they all bring something GREAT to the table and I am forever grateful!!

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