Organizing your Business to fit the needs of your Audience

Life is Sweet, isn’t it!? Well sometimes…. other times, life can you feeling confused, worried and stressed TF OUT!

We can not control things that will occur during our lifetime but we can control HOW to we choose to allow things to happen or not.

Let’s take for instance your business. It’s not going as planned. You have purchased all the glitz & glam and even added a sparkly bow to it. Meaning, you have put your all into it only to find that your business is at a STAND STILL!  This gives me a sure clue that you have not done the work!

In order to change that, you have to change your approach & thinking.  Just because things are appealing to you, does not mean it is for your customers.  Therefore, you must begin to put yourself in their stilettos.

▪️Why should they invest in you?

▪️What qualifies you?

▪️Why are your services different?

▪️How will you make them FEEL!!!!

▪️What value are you giving them?

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel. -Maya Angelou

Once you begin to analyze your audience, you can figure out what their needs are and then align your product to fit them.  Sure, your service may not apply to everyone, you must be content with that. However, for the audience that wants your expertise, GO AFTER THEM!

Let’s dig into this further…..⤵️

There’s a woman who needed to spruce up Her image and style. She would go to the store, buy cute outfits….. only to not like them once she returned home and she felt like she wasted her time & money.  Her overall goal is to recreate her image in order to help assist her with other roles on her job she wants to pursue….. you are a Fashion Director and she’s seeking your help!

Sounds easy enough.

Yes it is and since this is your area of knowledge you are going to help her in any way that you can with the tools you already have!! 

That’s the key, utilizing the tools you already have in order to help the needs of your audience. As long as you stay on top of your industry and focusing on “What’s Next” your Business will be able to stand up against the changes in your industry; therefore, keeping your clientele where you so desire!! Let’s Get It!!

💋Rae CEO, Corporate Leader; Executive Coach

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Author: She's Ready Inc.™ A Mom's Guide to Being Fabulous!

As a wife, mother of two and CEO of my own business I share with my husband, I am no stranger to the unique plight of ‘balancing it all’.  Having achieved a Master’s degree in Business, I have  recognized the void of platforms that fully cater to the fashionable and business savvy mom.  Therefore, starting my motivational blog of She's Ready Inc. a Mom's Guide To Being Fabulous! Amidst my inner circle of friends, I am always eager to provide tips and tidbits for managing a full plate. I now have combined my love for style and Mompreneurship, to produce the innovative new brand and looking to inspire you all!

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