Become the Small Business with Big Business Rules!

It seems many people want to hold the title of an entrepreneur and that’s FANTASTIC!! However, do you run your Small Business like a large corporation?

Within my 15 years of business, I have learned to treat both my customers AND many employees with respect, empathy and keep my business held to a high standard of professionalism. Therefore, before others reach my business physically for services or to work for me, they already know what to expect.  I have set the tone. 


Frankly speaking, look at your business as a whole; can you safely say you do the following:

▪️Create and follow a handbook for your staff

▪️Conduct Orientations with your staff and review Company expectations 

▪️Strategically handle Issues when they arise or ignore them

▪️Advertise Consistently

▪️Make yourself known within communities like yours with Memberships

▪️Adhere to Business/Client contracts and what your company promised 

▪️Respond to your clients in a timely fashion 


Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is more than having a beautiful logo and a catchy name/title. Simply, because you are small does not mean you should think minimal because we are looking for the Big Picture, correct?


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Author: She's Ready Inc.™ A Mom's Guide to Being Fabulous!

As a wife, mother of two and CEO of my own business I share with my husband, I am no stranger to the unique plight of ‘balancing it all’.  Having achieved a Master’s degree in Business, I have  recognized the void of platforms that fully cater to the fashionable and business savvy mom.  Therefore, starting my motivational blog of She's Ready Inc. a Mom's Guide To Being Fabulous! Amidst my inner circle of friends, I am always eager to provide tips and tidbits for managing a full plate. I now have combined my love for style and Mompreneurship, to produce the innovative new brand and looking to inspire you all!

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