Support Your Children No Matter What! My feelings On Girl’s Basketball vs Dance

Support Your Children No Matter What! My feelings On Girl’s Basketball vs Dance

Hello, I am Rachel and I am a bonafide “Dance Mom”, and have been since my daughter was 2 1/2 yrs old! Although most dancing does not truly begin until your child is 3 yrs, she began praise dancing at our church.  As time went on, she is now part of a competition dance group and they are National Grand Champions!! I mean, the girls can REALLY dance!!


It wasn’t until recently, that her FATHER, MY HUSBAND (lol), decided that she should try basketball.  Of course, this is his dream to become this awesome basketball star and now passing it on to both of our children.  I; on the other hand, I am totally against my daughter playing Basketball.  Simply because, I want her to build her craft of dance and see how far it takes her.  I am deeply afraid that if she is hurt while playing basketball she will NOT have the opportunity to dance and travel as she wishes to do!

So, here is my dilemma…. while my husband was out of town, I took my daughter to basketball practice.  During this time, I was was simply FLOORED by her skill! I mean SKILL! THE GIRL DOES NOT MISS! What!!!? So you can only imagine my inner thoughts.


What was happening?

What was happening to my daughter?

How was it that she was  given THIS gifted!?

What is going to happen to Dance?

If I take her away from basketball to dance, will this be the biggest mistake I made for HER LIFE!!?

Did you catch the last 2 words? Her Life….

I want you to understand that you as a parent must support your child and his or her abilities and allow your child to grow from them.  This is support from you.  I have learned that I needed to put my personal feelings aside about Women in Basketball and how masculine I THOUGHT it was and learn to support my daughter in what she wanted to do.

Below are tips on how you can TAKE YOURSELF OUT and keep your child’s goal in: 

✨Listen to your children and try to understand their reasoning for doing what they want?

✨Think, is it harmful to them or not?

✨Will it make him or her happy?

✨Research if their sport/activity will provide them with INCOME in the future?

As parents, it’s important for us to take ourselves out of the equation and FULLY support our children.  Not to support them only when they are doing what WE want but rather support them in every aspect of their lives.  Maybe you are not faced with an extracurricular activity like me, but maybe you are forced to accept the College your child wants to attend, the man/woman they want to date or even a lifestyle change.  Either way, we are to love them and keep them inspired.

As I sit and ponder on my child’s future, maybe she wanted to dance to make me happy.

Maybe she wanted to play basketball to make her father happy.

Whatever the case….. I just pray she’s happy.

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