Why You Should Invest In Your Employees!
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Why You Should Invest In Your Employees!

As Entrepreneurs, we are often bogged down with day to day activities from paying bills, reviewing urgent documents, marketing our companies and keep ourselves sane on a DAILY BASIS! Once this happens, we tend to forget about those whom actually help us keep our business afloat.  Figuratively speaking, I am a Boss who actually LOVES my staff.  I like to pick out those who actually care about my business, invest in themselves academically and who bring innovative ideas to the table.

Keep in mind that just because you have a vision, doesn’t mean others who work for you will have the same.  It took me some time to realize this.  Simply because, before I became the owner of my own domain, I went over and beyond for the companies I worked for.  They invested in me; therefore, I invested back.

This is what the whole basis of what this post is about today.  Investing in your Employees!! How can you effectively believe you are able to run a company on your own?  You can’t! No matter how hard you try, you will need someone. Below are ways you can invest in your employees to help take your business to the next level.

Attend Annual Conferences and invite them along. (Take  look at my pics below) Those who care about advancement and bettering themselves, will attend with you.  Not only will the skills they gain along the way help them do their jobs more efficiently, you will find less “mis-communication” or unprofessional activities occurring.
Schedule Monthly Staff Meetings: It is SO important to keep a tally of improvements and accomplishments within your company.  You simply can not “wish” for your staff to work collectively if you do not constantly discuss way you can improve together.

Encourage Members Who Work for You and Support Them: I am a strong advocate for this.  It is so important to uplift your staff and keep them encouraged.  It does not hurt to ask them how they are feeling or discuss ways you can help them achieve their goals.  Trust me, when others feel like you care about them, they will look out for you and your brand.

Bring Them With You!:  I believe in a TEAM Environment and Atmosphere.  It is imperative you continue to keep yourself HUMBLE and take your Staff along for the ride with you! You simply should not think you are able to do everything on your own and think you’re going to be successful.  Always, Always reach back!

I’ve had the liberty of attending a Conference with some of my staff members who could attend.  Below are pics of our time spent together at the conference as well as a

PJ Vision Board Party I hosted for them to discuss their personal goals!!

I can continue to go on and on about investing in your Employees; for there are infinite tips involved.  As long as you keep your staff ON TOP of trends and what’s new, your business will last for as long as you wish for it to!
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I wish you Peace and Wealth.


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