Keeping the Sexy in Jamaica: Vacationing Under the Sun

Keeping the Sexy in Jamaica: Vacationing Under the Sun

So I took some time to Relax, Release Stress & Explore with my Hubby on a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Yeah, Mon! My Brother and his Wife attend as well!

Oh we had such a fabulous time from the beginning to end. Not only would I like to share my amazing photo ops with you below, I also want to explain how important it is to TRAVEL and see the World. You see, I have noticed that many Americans (African-Americans of my Culture) do not really set aside time to learn about different cultures or save money for that matter to vacation. As Mothers, we are so busy worrying about our children, their expenses and the next bill that’s due.

It wasn’t until one of my Best Friends became married to her High School Sweetheart in the Bahamas, that my Husband and I realized we work too hard NOT to explore and see the World, together! Now, my Honey is not as determined as I am to travel all over Europe and back (flight reasons, LOL) but he is willing to travel to various islands and Countries not too far from our State. I can work with that.
coconut shoe.JPG

I want to share with you a few tips you can try when booking your next vacation. I hope you take time for yourself as it is therapeutic and WELL WORTH your money for your sanity!

I would recommend booking an All-Inclusive Resort:
Everything is totally paid for before your stay. We were able to indulge in unlimited Room-Service at anytime of day, unlimited snacks, unlimited alcoholic beverages (Premium, not just the “watered down pool drinks”), evening gourmet dinners, Live Shows and Authentic Music Events.

Book an excursion to SEE THE COUNTRY:
YES, it is very safe and allows you time to see what the country is all about. How it works is a Local of the company will take you around and show you what you booked. I would highly recommend or Book it BEFORE you arrive so you can schedule a small agenda for yourself.

If you are into ROMANCE, like me….I know my Friends make fun of me ALL THE TIME. Schedule a Romantic Sunset Dinner on the Beach. It’s not just for engagement sessions….although that sounds lovely- in that case, forward this blog post to your boyfriend.

Schedule a MANDATORY Spa Day: Designed to RELAX YOU! What is a vacation without ultimate relaxation?

Learn to Let Go!: That’s right. Do not worry about your responsibilities at home, they’ll still be there. Do not allow any an everything to annoy you, life’s too short. Enjoy every moment of your life, it’s not promised tomorrow.

I could go On and On about this Amazing Trip but I would just bore you. Just know that I had a blast and currently looking for our next trip in 2018.

Side Note:
Please stop thinking you have no time, no funds and no reason to travel because you do! You owe it to yourself. If you are looking to grow your Bank Account so you can travel and live that “Laptop Life” then schedule a FREE Consultation with me so I can help you build your Brand and get some dollars in your account…..JUST FOR TRAVEL and BEYOND. Click the link below to help get you started.

Thank you for taking time to read my review and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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  1. Omg I love your photos from Jamaica it look like you guys had a great time! I agree it’s essential to set aside time to travel and relax! Being a mother and entrepreneur can take a toll on us and we just need the time to relax and enjoy life! I always say never be too busy making a living that you forget to live! Glad you were able to live a little after working so hard you deserve it! 💕

    1. Thank You!! You are so correct. As Business Owners AND Mothers we tend to forget about ourselves and the need to do things for ourselves. All too often we just leave our wants nowhere to be found….. I’m so glad to have taken this awesome trip and looking forward to the next. Thanks for your comment and support!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time…you and the hubby look like newlyweds! Just know you are such an inspiration and I absolutely adore you and all your wisdom.


  3. Thank You! That means a lot to me. We had a blast and looking forward to our next venture! Thank You for your support and follow, I am so glad the Blog is helping you in some way! Love Ya, Always💋

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