Busy Doing Nothing. 5 Jewels On How You Can Organize Your Time to Get *ish Done Like a Boss!

Busy Doing Nothing. 5 Jewels On How You Can Organize Your Time to Get *ish Done Like a Boss!

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have set aside so much “To Do” in a day, you have everything in front of you, cute binders, gel pens, 10 file folders and 1,000 paper clips and you’ve promised yourself, you’ll get it done TODAY! Hours and hours go by and you have found yourself feeling like you’re back at square one….. ugh, we’ve all been there!

Below are a few jewels you can use when keeping yourself focused so you can get *ish done! ✔️ Let’s Get It! 

Organize Your Work Load

Try to put things into perspective and figure out what needs to be done now, tomorrow and next week. Keeping your load to a minimum will help get rid of any anxiety you may experience when your To Do becomes unbearable.

Keep Your Calendar/Organizer Up to Date

We are busy right!? Try keeping yourself above the rest by outlining your dates in tact! A great idea would be to use your Smartphone to its greatest potential! Add everything in your calendar, where you need to be and when you need to be there! You can’t be a Boss and you’re always late! Not cute.

Hold Yourself Accountable

With running your own Business, you have a lot of time to do what you want. Do NOT get in the mode of being lazy and “getting to it later” Stick to your deadline and focus on what your overall goal is. In other words, report to yourself!

Schedule a Therapeutic Session in your Home

Make it simple, add some candles and tea (or wine 😜) and focus on the tasks ahead of you. The key is to keep your mind and body relaxed and ready to take on your next Business venture! Relax and Let Go!

Give Yourself a Break!

You are doing the best you can… sometimes entrepreneurs can put so much on themselves to “Be Great” that we forget about how hard we are actually working. You have been sweating glitter all day, give yourself some credit! 💋

Sometimes as a Boss, you will find yourself overworked and overwhelmed but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get it done, YES! However, whenever you give yourself the opportunity to handle things in moderation, that when you can execute your goals like a true Entrepreneur.

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