Girl Boss On A Mission.

Girl Boss On A Mission.

Let’s take a quick Business perspective in this post today! I have been through the ringer and back in my life. What do I mean by that and why am I sharing it with you…. listen, being a mother and business owner AND WIFE, takes a lot out You. However, I’m on a mission to always STAY on my grind no matter what and build my Empire!

It’s funny because almost EVERY Woman in America has taken time with their girls, best friend, mom, sister or spouse to see the movie, “Girls Trip” I must say, it was a spectacular movie that had SO MANY lessons to embedded within the context of many situations. One that is quite relatable to this Premier Mom Blog is the Mother who needed to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and Explore (change her wardrobe as well…) as well as the Business Guru on a mission to take over the world with Women Empowerment!

All the while as I was watching this awesome movie, I began to think about all the things I wanted to accomplish for myself, why spending time with other women is a stress reliever and how laughter can help cure the soul during distressed times. If you have not gotten a chance to see the movie, I will not spoil it for you; however, I will express this movie completely lays out issues we Women face on a daily basis.

We are Women. We are Powerful. We are Strong. We are Beautiful!! No matter the shape or size, nationality or religion, we matter. We matter to eachother. We are the Bosses of our domain and we must encourage and support one another on a level that others don’t. Too often we take time to tear others down, talk about them. Laugh at their faults and mistakes. Enough is enough. Let’s support one another and become Girl Bosses on a Mission!!

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