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In the mist of my “Get Healthy with Veggies & Yoga” kick, I felt the need to really tap into my Inner Goddess and start REALLY watching what I stuffed in my mouth! You see it all the time, the BEST VEGAN MEALS online or on Instagram…. the pictures are so inspiring; therefore, you go to the grocery store, ambitious, buying ALL fruits and veggies and tell yourself you’re a Vegan now…… Have you ever been there before? I have!?  Guilty! LOL!

After a week, I found myself eating more and MORE carbs; as a result, STILL not eating as healthy as I needed to be.  After going to my doctor’s office for an annual exam, I expressed my quest to “Go Vegetarian” and how important it was for me.  After reviewing my chart and overall health, she explained how having a “Low Carb” diet might be best for me.  Bummer, right?

Once I arrived home, I thought about what she said and totally agreed.  I mean, blame me but I LOVE STEAK! (Shout Out to Ruth Chris) UGH!!! However, sometimes I will take a few days out the week to prepare either Vegetarian or Vegan meals. No, I have’t gone Vegan–YET.  If you are anything like me, in limbo about what to eat, want to take a better approach but not ready to JUMP into the “Vegan” bandwagon, then try a few meals per week to help you stay healthy.  Take a look at the article I read from a fellow Blogger, listed below for your reading! I thought it was helpful and wanted to pass it along to you!!

We are Women, we are Mothers, we are Sisters and we need to remain HEALTHY! Lets take an approach in eating well, TOGETHER! Send me your comments on what you think.  I’m looking to shape up a few…. LOL!

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Are you new to vegan lifestyle and looking for ideas? Perhaps you are a lifelong vegan and are out of ideas. Or, maybe you’re just trying to find more creative ways to add veggies to your diet. Well, I’ve found 12 recipes from David Avocado Wolfe-all made in the crock pot. Now who doesn’t […]

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