Busy Doing Nothing. 5 Jewels On How You Can Organize Your Time to Get *ish Done Like a Boss!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have set aside so much "To Do" in a day, you have everything in front of you, cute binders, gel pens, 10 file folders and 1,000 paper clips and you've promised yourself, you'll get it done TODAY! Hours and hours go by and you have found yourself feeling like you're back at square one..... ugh, we've all been there! Below are a few jewels you can use when keeping yourself focused so you can get *ish done! ✔️ Let's Get It!  Organize…

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Girl Boss On A Mission.

Let's take a quick Business perspective in this post today! I have been through the ringer and back in my life. What do I mean by that and why am I sharing it with you.... listen, being a mother and business owner AND WIFE, takes a lot out You. However, I'm on a mission to always STAY on my grind no matter what and build my Empire! It's funny because almost EVERY Woman in America has taken time with their girls, best friend, mom, sister or spouse to see the movie,…

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Easy and Delicious Vegan and Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipes — The Purple Almond

In the mist of my “Get Healthy with Veggies & Yoga” kick, I felt the need to really tap into my Inner Goddess and start REALLY watching what I stuffed in my mouth! You see it all the time, the BEST VEGAN MEALS online or on Instagram…. the pictures are so inspiring; therefore, you go to the grocery store, ambitious, buying ALL fruits and veggies and tell yourself you’re a Vegan now…… Have you ever been there before? I have!?  Guilty! LOL! After a week, I found myself eating more and…

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