Push it to the MAXX!
Jumping Dolphins!

Push it to the MAXX!

Push it to the Limit!! If you are going to do anything in life, make sure you do it to the MAX! If you follow my Social Media or Blog pages, you will see that whatever I do in life, I try to go over and beyond and I take it to the Limit! Doing things within your life, so that you can brag is NOT what Life should be about. Actually, getting the most out of your Life is QUEEN! Where am I going with this, you ask? Listen, if you sit around watching everyone else living out their dreams, traveling, spending time with their family and friends as well as accomplishing every goal that they have for themselves… Yet you are at home, then work, then home, then work, then Church, then home; oh work again!!  If this is you (Like most moms are) then you are allowing your life to for you. You are NOT living it to the MAXX!!!

Ok, let’s sit down and focus together on how we can live our lives to the MAXX! I’m talking about Events, Socials, Parties, Fellowships, Explorations and Learning new things! Now, if you just read what I said and your wheels in your head starting talking negatively to you, that means you have robbed yourself of pushing yourself to the limit.  In everything you do, it is wise to want more for yourself.  So how can we do this?  I have provided a few tips for you below.

If you want more, go AFTER it: I’m so sick of telling myself, I need to get this done, I need to get that done; yet, I have allowed my long Motherhood days completely take over what I want! Therefore, I have positioned my psyche to include my wants as well as my family’s.

Get Involved: If you are surrounded by a new group of individuals or new to a school or new to a job or neighborhood, whatever- you’re new….. DO NOT alienate yourself away from others and start going to activities.  I’ve mentioned before to ‘Introduce Yourself Right On’…. So get to it. Join a committee or attend a social gathering for example. You never know by surrounding yourself and being open to others will and may open doors for you!

Stop saying what you “want” to do and never put things in place in order to get it done: I have heard so many individuals mention what they really want in life and it sounds like they are going around in circles about how they actually want to get it done.  It is necessary to put a Plan of Action in place and really decide HOW you are actually going to get said “goal” done.  Everyone is not going to stop their life just so you can get yours together.  Get on your *ish and doing to the MAXX!

Get rid of the “what ifs”:  What if it doesn’t work? What if I get hurt? What if I fail? Do you think Beyoncé (Yes, my fav) goes on with her life everyday worrying about what others think of her!? Or the next CD she puts out, no one will like it!? No! She studies her own craft and, stays in her own lane and tells herself what she CAN DO! We have to stop adding so much anxiety to our lives and worrying about things,; therefore, expecting them not work and actually living life so that they do work!

“You never know, by surrounding yourself and being open to others will and may open doors for you!” -Mrs. Rae, founder of She’s Ready Inc. 

Position yourself in Girl Boss Mode: If this means you need to re-read some She’s Ready Inc. posts, review some quotes on Social Media, re-read my book- the AWESOME Guide to Building a Bad Ass Business, talk to a friend or pray to God, then DO THAT!! Putting yourself in Girl Boss Mode at all times will keep you inspired to get the most out of your life in respects to being a better Mother, advancing your career, having pride in yourself, being the best spouse ever or building your business from the ground up and continuing to make it the best ever! I don’t know about you, but when I wake up I’m programmed to Slay my day!  I have provided a few fun pictures below from my Summer!  I just like laughing and having fun!! It helps me keep it all together!

I hope that I have inspired you in some way shape or form.  Remember, your life is what you make of it! Why not take it to the MAXX! Do what you always wanted to do.  Travel, visit, explore, rest, laugh, play, think, meditate, take time for YOU! And when you do, you will find yourself loving the skin your in!

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