Save your coins so you can finally TRAVEL!

Summertime has FINALLY ARRIVED and is almost over…. (Insert sad face here).

Hey Love, you have worked ALL WINTER and Fall…Spring too; but now it’s Summer and it’s time you start LIVING LIFE!! Have you ever been in the company of another and all s/he talked about was how they, “need to get out” ; however, failed to make plans to do so?  If you are anything like me, you work hard EVERYDAY! And if you are a Mother, your workload is even greater…. Utilize the summer months to let your hair down and relax.

I can be honest with you and share that I often work day and night.  Literally EVERYDAY.  Never feeling like I have completed every task that I set for myself.  I later realized that no matter what, every task that was on my To-Do-List would never be done.  It was all about perspective and what needed to be done with urgency.  Once I concluded that vacations in the middle of that was necessary for my own sanity, is when I learned to enjoy my Family Life, Business Life and took advantage of vacationing!!

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad with my Best Friend to Europe where we spent an amazing week touring and studying Lisbon, Portugal! Yes!! Black Women Travel too!  The entire time, we were able to laugh, soak up the sun and learn about something other than American History.  It’s really interesting how other cultures have SO MUCH history behind their Countries and how the people who live there continue to embrace and stand strong to make their traditions unified.  Watching families walk to their destinations rather than drive, laugh over port wine, preserve pieces of royalty or keep castles perfectly groomed that were built as old as the 17th Century.  My best friend and I were in awe at the art work that was displayed on the cobble stones as we walked and ate cheese as well as attended musical operas that were performed over dinner.  It made me think about Life and how much I LOVE TO LEARN & EXPLORE! I totally missed my husband, children and family; yet, I felt so incredibly blessed (and still do).

Yes, Black Women Travel too! I did it an so can you!   -Mrs. Rae, Founder of She’s Ready Inc.

This post is specifically for you to organize your priorities so that you too can vacation…WITHOUT the kids!!

Take time to research where you want to go and for how long.

This will help you narrow your approach when selecting a vacation spot.  Is this a “Get Your Groove Back” trip, “Ladies Only” trip, “Exploration” trip or a “I just want to breathe” trip?

Look at your budget and decide where you can afford to go. 

This can be tricky; however, depending on how you look at it, it can be fairly simple.  If you are limited on funds and still want to leave the U.S. Try looking into All-Inclusive packages to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica or the like.  You can create a package for as low as $500-$800 for a full week and not pay for ANY FOOD OR DRINKS! Just relax and soak in the sun!

Every vacation does not require you to use a passport

Take a weekend trip to the next state or next few states over.  Maybe you want to drive to a California Beach, go shopping at the Mall of America, or soak in the culture in Atlanta.  Depending on your lifestyle, there are plenty of places you can visit and enjoy.

Itching to leave the Country? No Problem. 

Keep in mind that scheduling a trip out of the country (to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, for example) is not cheap and can not be done overnight.  This means, put away so you can explore!!

  • Look at your spending habits,
  • Decide how much you need to put away per paycheck
  • Be strict on your yourself, meaning FORCE yourself to SAVE
  • Look for “Things to Do” tickets
  • Plan, Plan & Plan

Get your parents involved

Yes, have your parents watch your children for the duration of time you are leaving.  Please do not look at this as you are dumping your responsibilities but rather taking time for YOU! I’m sure they won’t mind!!

You owe it to yourself to take a breather.  We only are guaranteed one life but not guaranteed to live to see the next day.  Live your Life the way you want to live it.  Stop telling yourself that, ‘you’ll get to it next year’ and start getting to it, now! Winter break is just around the corner……get to packin’


Below I have provided a FEW pictures of my experience in Portugal with my Best Friend.  I totally enjoyed my time and can’t wait to plan something else.  It was a nice way to “get away” yet do something for me.  Special Kisses to my Dear Husband for being an awesome sport! LOL!


Mones Claros MonumentIMG_4242IMG_4263

He is TOTALLY important to liturature like Shakespeare! 
Every knows Crab Legs are my fav! Let’s just say crabs from the Atlantic Ocean are the TRUTH!!
Fresh Crawfish, Shrimp & Lobster from the Atlantic to keep your figure right!
Famous Fado Show-Live Opera singing over dinner
Vanessa is TOTALLY ready to Explore & Learn all about Portugal! 
Pena Palace! Please, come join me….
Welcome to my Palace….
The Queen’s beautiful items from the 15th Century! 
The King’s sword.  Any man that protects his home, has my vote!
The top of Sintra! Vanessa giving us Mariah Carey
I am admiring the architecture that Sintra has to offer
Just thinking about my Life and what my next move will be


I love seeing Monuments and how much history is involved 
Time for CHURCH, literally! I mean, this church is huge and I could not get the WHOLE image in my photo! LOL! 
Visiting Fatima.  Lord, you are the center of my Life. Amen
Ohhhhhh, Port Wine!! I’m like a kid in the candy store!
Eating FRESH Red Snapper! My waitress helped us by completely de-boning the fish.
The porcelain in the back is filled with Port Wine. It’s delicious with mussels! 
We out here in these Lisboa streets! LOL! 
I wanted to get my husband something special….so, I bought him some exclusive cigars made in Portugal.  You can not buy them any where else! (He was happy)
Ok, Ok, now you know I had to visit my FAVORITE store! Louis Vuitton of Portugal! Shopping is my therapy. 
Champange Toast to ALL the Mommy’s out there, working hard and playing harder! We got this! 





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