Loving Yourself is NOT a Battle!

Loving Yourself is NOT a Battle!

I remember a few years back; having a conversation with a very close friend of mine.  We were discussing things that we wanted out of life.  Most of my friendships and relationships with others,  we ALWAYS tend to talk about Goals and Plans that we want for ourselves in life.  I remember telling her that I wanted to Love Myself.

Some of us have been through so much in our lives that we quickly forget how to Love ourselves.  When I was younger, I can recall getting into fights, others talking about me and many judging me based on what they “thought” of me.  As a teen it made me angry and sad at the same time.  Because others were attacking me; internally, I began to tear myself apart.  Of course that did not help.  It caused my grades to suffer, I didn’t want to attend school and I never wanted to go any where, I didn’t know how to respond or who I was for that matter.  I knew I couldn’t continue to live like this.

As I grew older, I became aware of how to uplift myself and trained myself on what Self-Love actually was-to me.  I mean, it’s not like there was a manual on how to Love yourself at the time….            

-Mrs. Rae, Founder of She’s Ready Inc.

I wanted to take time today to express some support to those who are struggling to actually Love themselves. Maybe you do not know how, maybe you have NO CLUE on where to begin, then again you maybe you are aware of the importance of Self-Love, yet fail to do it.

Below, I have provided a few notes you can write it Lipstick 💄 that you can take in order to embrace Love for Yourself!

✨Understand that Self-Love does not mean you are conceded:

You are not looking at yourself in the mirror and kissing it! Atleast I hope not…Yikes! Instead, practice telling yourself that you Love what you see.  That you’re proud of what you have become and you are content with your flaws.

✨Find the Best in Yourself rather than only finding the best in others:

Many of us look at the lives of other women on Social Media or Television.  Please do not get wrapped up in their best features but rather your own.  This means, loving your hair, embracing your size and happy for your own accomplishments.

✨Speak ONLY Positivity!!:

What you tell yourself, you will begin to believe; therefore, speaking only positivity will take you further beyond your wildest dreams! Express to yourself how you Love the way you look, you are in love with your thought patterns and believe you can conquer the World!

✨Understand The Importance of Self-Care:

This is EXACTLY what this Blog is all about! When we feel better, we do better! We feel good about ourselves. We love ourselves. We admire the accomplishments we have made.  MAKE THE TIME to care for yourself physically and mentally.

✨Let Go:

Let go of whatever is causing you to question your Self-Love. This could be your

-Past Childhood Issues

-Old Relationships

-Self Doubt

-Friends and People who take up too much energy….

Whatever it is that you need to do, get on it and do it!  I have found that mostly my Family is what keeps me going.  Looking at the smile on my children’s faces and the joy I see in my Husband’s eyes, gives me strength to keep pushing forward.  Pushing forward to want the best for them.  Pushing forward to want the best for myself. Flawlessly!  Loving yourself is not a battle, Sweetie. It’s really what you allow to happen in your life…..will happen 💋

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Mrs. Rae

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  1. Yet another inspirational piece! Self love is the most important kind of love, without this love it seems impossible to accurately love others. Thank you thank you thank you!


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