Giving Yourself Credit When It’s Due

Giving Yourself Credit When It’s Due

We are MOMS!! We are Women and that means we are fierce!!! However, sometimes in the mist of our hard work we tend to lose the fire that burns from within. In my past before I learned how to embrace my “Fabulousness,” I would work hard EVERYDAY and not really give myself credit for the work I was doing. After an exasperating day/week,

I still felt:

I wasn’t doing enough.

I wasn’t organized enough.

I wasn’t working at my greatest potential.

I hadn’t reached my goals.

I no longer believed in myself like I should have.

When this happened, I began to tell myself how far from my dreams I was and that only further took me to a place where I didn’t want to be. Stuck and having NO CLUE where to begin.  This sucks right!? I guess it’s the ultimate downfall of being a perfectionist and overachiever.  (DANGER ZONE)

How did I get out of it!? I would LOVE to share my insight with you.

Below, I have provided 8 steps you can take in order to stop being your Biggest Critic and become your Biggest Cheerleader!!

If God is for us, who can ever be against us? Romans 8:31

Step 1: Realize that you can only do so much

If you are constantly looking at your house and saying to yourself, “this closet is a mess, everyone’s room is a mess and I still need to do laundry”….. Understand these things are not done in a day!

Step 2: Organize your time so that your life works for you

Putting too much on your plate will make you feel like you will never reach the end.  Keep your activities short with the goal of completing each task you want by the end of the day.

Step 3: Stop making excuses

The typical “I’ll get to it tomorrow” needs to stop! Get on it now and continue to chip away at your task until you have reached your finish line.

Step 4: Never compare yourself to the next Mom

Some Mothers you see are out there accomplishing every goal she has set for herself and you unconsciously tell yourself, “I need to be like that!” No, you do not! You need to be like, YOU!  It is important to realize we all come from different walks of life and deal with situations differently.  Give yourself credit and figure out what you need to do in order to be better.

Step 5: Go Hard! Everyday!

That’s right!! Laziness will only cause you to procrastinate on the task that you need to complete.  Set a Goal and Make it Plain!

Step 6:  Be Reasonable

Rome was NOT built in a day! Therefore, that piled up laundry will not get done in 1 day (Unless you get to the laundromat and even then putting the clothes away is a task! LOL). Tackle what you can on a daily basis and disperse the remainder over time.  Rely on your She’s Ready Inc. Planner/Organizer to get the tasks done.

Step 7: Review Affirmations to keep yourself inspired!

Have you ever followed someone’s Instagram page or Blog and immediately became inspired! (WINK! WINK! -yes, ShesReadyInc Instagram or the Blog:  Use the Affirmations and apply them to your life.  You would be so surprised show a little comment can go a long way with what’s going on FOR THE BETTER in your life

Step 8: Do not depend on others to keep you motivated

That’s right, become your biggest cheerleader! If no one else gave you a compliment, you need to compliment yourself.  Speak Positive words into existence.

Constantly tearing yourself down will only keep you where you don’t want to be.  Instead speak happiness and greatness into your life! Keep praying and ask for guidance! As long as you are willing to lift yourself up, you can do this! I believe in you!

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  1. I AM fabulous! This life I leave isn’t easy and I must admit I don’t give myself enough credit for the great things I do accomplish as a mother, a teacher, a friend, a woman, a QUEEN! These steps to becoming my own cheerleader will be applied to my daily life pronto…especially organizing my life so it works ME!

    Thanks Rae,

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