Loving Yourself is NOT a Battle!

I remember a few years back; having a conversation with a very close friend of mine.  We were discussing things that we wanted out of life.  Most of my friendships and relationships with others,  we ALWAYS tend to talk about Goals and Plans that we want for ourselves in life.  I remember telling her that I wanted to Love Myself. Some of us have been through so much in our lives that we quickly forget how to Love ourselves.  When I was younger, I can recall getting into fights, others talking…

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Giving Yourself Credit When It’s Due

We are MOMS!! We are Women and that means we are fierce!!! However, sometimes in the mist of our hard work we tend to lose the fire that burns from within. In my past before I learned how to embrace my "Fabulousness," I would work hard EVERYDAY and not really give myself credit for the work I was doing. After an exasperating day/week, I still felt: ✨I wasn't doing enough. ✨I wasn't organized enough. ✨I wasn't working at my greatest potential. ✨I hadn't reached my goals. ✨I no longer believed in…

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