Luxurious Mommy Spa Day!

Luxurious Mommy Spa Day!

So I am constantly talking about the importance of Self Care and how important it is to make sure you allow time for yourself while you are doing Motherly duties.  Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to schedule time along next to me was one of my Sweet Friends who also needed some rejuvenation time.  We found a new Spa and instantly fell in LOVE!!

Upon arrival, the staff members greeted us with Mimosa beverages, croissants, chocolates, berries and fruit-infused water.  They guided us into a tranquil room filled with candles as soft meditation music played in the background.  Not only did I immediately feel like a Queen, I knew the VLuxe Signature Spa was a place I needed in my life.

As Mothers we tend to hold a lot of stress and it’s important that you allow time to get rid of it before it begins to deteriorate your body.  There are so many Moms out there who know and realize they need the time ALONE yet fail to act on it.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I hold a lot of stress.  My stress is mainly held in my neck, back and shoulders.  Since I am aware of this, I was given a luxurious Sports Massage.  It was “full body” and even though I have not provided pictures of that below, please understand it was thee most invigorating experience for me.  After that, my massage continued with a warm wax applied to my hands and feet.  It seemed like all of my worries were immediately laid to rest! LOL!

Take a look at our day below and think about scheduling MUCH needed time for yourself.  This is the perfect time to spend with your Spouse, Your Girls, Your Daughter, your Best Friend or Yourself!  You will Thank Me when you are done.  Tell them Mrs. Rae from She’s Ready Inc. sent you!!

discussing experience
Discussing Our Experiences!
Mommies Maintained!


Special Thank You to VLuxe Signature Staff and the Doctors! Your Spa is a location I would choose on a quarterly basis for my much needed massages, monthly for my mandatory waxes and weekly for facials!  Thank You for having us and I can’t wait see you soon. -Mrs. Rae, Founder of She’s Ready Inc. 


Mrs. Rae

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