5 Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Soul

5 Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Mind, Body & Soul

Spring has finally sprung!! That’s right, by now you should have started cleaning out those closets, re-organizing your rooms and getting rid of those dust pollens that have stayed on your ceiling fan all Winter.  If you haven’t started yet, that’s ok, just get on it now! LOL! After all of the cleaning, have you ever thought it’s time to start cleaning out your Mind as well?

Negative thoughts that linger in your mind over time only tends to break you down.  Often times we get in the habit of keeping negativity around us and because of it we put ourselves in situations that keep us from growing, flourishing and being the true Queens we are.

Holding on to the negativity could cause depression and anxiety which also ages you!  Now, I don’t know about you; however, I am NOT looking forward to looking older than I want to be. Yikes! But seriously, consistently telling yourself what you “can’t do” and “wont’t do” is stopping your Blessings.  It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start believing in yourself and who you are! If you are in a place or space that you are not pleased with, CHANGE IT!!

So you say, “I want to grow. I want to change my way of thinking, I want to get rid of these awful negative thoughts but I just don’t know where to start!”  Below, I have provided a few tips for you to get you started!

Believe In Yourself Even If No One Else Does: You have to learn to be your own Cheerleader! It is important that you never get in the mode of  where you need other people’s comments and suggestions of you to validate who you are.  We have to learn how to own our worth and be proud of it.

Stop Saying What You Can’t Do: If you are looking to be successful in whatever task is ahead of you….. get a notebook, pen and write an action plan! When you are in the habit of telling yourself things that uplift your psyche instead of putting yourself down, you will only get further in life!

Eliminate Negative “Friends”: Yes!!! People who secretly prey for your downfall…. yeah, get rid of them! You are able to weed them out by listening to the things they say to you. If they are those who talk poorly of others, talk themselves down and never say things to uplift you, they are not good for you.  Simply tell them that you are doing something different in your life and it no longer includes them.

Detox Your Body: I believe the most popular craze now are organic detox teas.  Please don’t get me wrong, I love tea; however, simply drinking water will make you feel just fine.  Detoxing your body will not only give you more energy but it will also assist you in getting rid of nasty fats and particles in your body.  This will allow you more energy and time to spend with your family!

Work On Your Physique: Summer bodies are made in the Winter-Spring!! So start getting in that gym!! Don’t like the gym? I don’t either! So you can always find things to use around the house to get you toned.  Take a few walks around the block, do 50 squats, 100 sit-ups and a countless jump n’ jacks!  In a few weeks you will notice a HUGE change in what you look like. Use this time to “Spring” your body back into gear!

Holding on to the negativity could cause depression and anxiety which also ages you!  -Mrs. Rae, Founder of She’s Ready Inc.

I am so excited for you and the Spring Cleaning you are going to do IN YOUR LIFE! We have to understand that cleaning is not just the artificial surface but mentally as well.  It’s time for us to start taking time to look at things around you.  The company you keep.  The things you say to yourself! It’s your duty to clean up the “mess” around you and to dust the negativity away.  I love you, I’m proud of you and I’m excited for what’s in store for you.  Get ‘em Girl!


-Mrs. Rae

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