5 Steps in Organizing Your Time So You Can Date!

5 Steps in Organizing Your Time So You Can Date!

So you tackled the position of being a Mom and within that time, you have learned to pick out proper clothes, cook healthy meals, balance homework and extra-curricular activities as well as slide in a few chores here and there. While completing our various duties as Mothers it is easy to forget about our personal lives and really understand how important it is to have our own Social Lives!! I am here to encourage you to cease that today!

I have been married for 11years and within that that time frame I have continued to love my husband, he has remained my best friend and we solely rely on each other spiritually, mentally and physically. However, how do you get to that point!? How do you organize time to date to keep loving those who love you and therefore keep the “Spice” in your relationship? Take a look at 5 steps below of Organizing Your Time so You can Date!!

✨Stop adding more and more to your workload: We tend to add so much to our “To-Do-List” that by the time we are finally finished, we are too tired to do anything. Our beds are calling us and we have no interest in do anything more. Get away from over filling yourself with chores! It will get done but not in a day.

✨Make time: We do what we want to do not what we have to do. If you actually WANT to have a dating life, you will have it! Get out of the habit of believing you have way too much on your agenda to fit it in. Call, make an RSVP, get the kids situated and go!

✨You owe it to yourself: As Mothers we get in the mode of the everyday hustle and bustle that we forget that WE NEED TIME AWAY from our children just to have “Adult Time” A simple night out for champagne and laughs will help give you a better outlook on life full of happiness and LESS STRESS!

✨Use this time to discuss Goals with your date-mate: What’s new in your life, where do you want to be apart, together, What are their suggestions on growing within yourself. Dating and talking to your spouse or friend will give you the extra boost you may need when trying to figure out your next move.

✨Helps get that “Sex Appeal” back you’ve been lacking!: Get Up, Get Dressed, Apply some MAKE-UP, Get Out and let your hair down. That’s right, go back in the closet and get that “Freak ’em Dress on!! Enjoy your evening!

Below, you can see a cute little mid-day date I took with my hubby! All it takes is 1-2hrs to make time for each other before we got back to Business!! Try it and when you do, tag me in your photos!

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  1. “I do what I WANT to and not WHAT I have to.” … and there it is!!!

    Thanks Rae


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