Why Comparing Yourself to Other Women is Dangerous!

Why Comparing Yourself to Other Women is Dangerous!

We ALL do it,  we see other Moms who are in better shape, BOMB makeup, whiter teeth, bigger house, well behaved kids, the perfect husband and a beautifully painted picture. Sure, there really are relationships such as the one I have described; however, the focus is not that but rather with you! Stop focusing and comparing yourself to other women and MISSING YOUR DESTINY!

That’s right, when you want and desire the life of someone else, you tend to miss out on the potential within yourself. Sure, we can see the fantastic lives of others; yet, we do not know what it took for that Woman to get where she is today! On the other hand, others do not know what it took for you to get where you are and it’s up to you to get to where you want to be.

So how do we do that!? How can you get to where you want to go? I have provided a few tips for you to get you started.

✨Think about where you want to be now and where you want to be in 5yrs.

✨Set a monthly GOAL and follow it. Never be lazy with your dreams.

✨What will it take for you to accomplish the life you want?..

💚Is it a better job?

💚Making more commission at work?

💚Creating your business to be MORE professional? Attract more clients

💚Finishing School?

✨Stop looking at the negatives in your life and flourish on the positives

✨Channel your thoughts to ALWAYS see the beauty within yourself!

Instead of worrying about someone else who is achieving their goals, EXECUTE Yours! -Mrs. Rae

I’m am not here to tell you what to do but rather help you focus on thinking about yourself and making yourself better. We spend so much time making sure our children are advancing in school, their careers or our significant other; yet, we forget about simple steps we can make to accomplish our wants and needs. When you start comparing yourself to others you typically lose focus with what God has planned for you. Our makeup in life is different from person to person. Truthfully speaking, I would LOVE the life of Beyoncé, we ALL know this Lol! However, then I wouldn’t have my perfect son who needs me to help him study day and night as well as help build his self-esteem while going through many changes in Middle-School. Who would be his #1 Cheerleader during his basketball games and school projects? Who would help my beautiful daughter practice her dance craft or teach her to be a graceful woman? Who would be there for her when she is trying to find herself? Who will motivate her to be a Leader and not a Follower? Who would be there for my husband when he’s had a hard day or has visions on a new business? Who would be there to cook healthy meals or give messages when the stresses of life gets in the way? Who would keep our family dynamic what it is today?

Now put yourself in your family’s eyes….

You see, we all look at the exterior of others;however, it is wise that we realize the beauty within our own lives! So beginning today….. you can be INSPIRED but NEVER compare your life to another Woman. There is only one you. Live the Life God Blessed YOU with and everything you need and want will fall into place.

Thank you for reading and taking some jewels from this post! If you know other women who could benefit from our Blog Community, please encourage them to follow the Blog today! Thank You again for your time and I wish you many Blessings!



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