5 Steps in Organizing Your Time So You Can Date!

So you tackled the position of being a Mom and within that time, you have learned to pick out proper clothes, cook healthy meals, balance homework and extra-curricular activities as well as slide in a few chores here and there. While completing our various duties as Mothers it is easy to forget about our personal lives and really understand how important it is to have our own Social Lives!! I am here to encourage you to cease that today! I have been married for 11years and within that that time frame…

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Why Comparing Yourself to Other Women is Dangerous!

We ALL do it,  we see other Moms who are in better shape, BOMB makeup, whiter teeth, bigger house, well behaved kids, the perfect husband and a beautifully painted picture. Sure, there really are relationships such as the one I have described; however, the focus is not that but rather with you! Stop focusing and comparing yourself to other women and MISSING YOUR DESTINY! That's right, when you want and desire the life of someone else, you tend to miss out on the potential within yourself. Sure, we can see the…

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