Glambitious & Blogging Beauty, I Am

Glambitious & Blogging Beauty, I Am


Oh I LOVED attending a Glamorous Empowerment event put on by GlambitiousIAm!!! I had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful women and hear their stories from all different backgrounds. Some were Mothers, some were abused in the past, some where confused on how to start businesses, others even talked about insecurities they had and wanted to express how they overcame them.

I am Mom who has moved my family to a new city; therefore, it is imperative that I get out, make new circles of fabulous ladies and network with others. Besides doing that, I received so much positive feedback on how I have inspired them or are considered their inspiration. There where also groups of women who currently follow me and        L💕VES everything that I do for my viewers! You see, you never know who is watching your Grace; may it be Online, in the community or Social Media; therefore,

You must show your Grace in a positive light at all times.  -Mrs. Rae

I became so inspired when a beautiful BossMom (I mean she was Bad!! Lol) walked up to me in tears because she loved my background and how transparent I was when telling her my story and the struggle of leaving my Corporate Career and starting the Million-Dollar business my husband and I have been blessed with today. Take note; your voice matters, the way you carry yourself matters and the company you keep ALSO matters! I was even invited to a Woman’s Empowerment Circle where they meet monthly and discuss issues that we as women, face on a daily basis! What an honor!! I am so excited to meet with her and her group!!

As my fabulous weekend continued; I also had the opportunity to meet with some Gorgeous Blogging Beauties! As soon as I entered the venue, I immediately felt Love, Support and met others who were also proud to be Bloggers!! During the event, the hosts invited a plethera of Mass Communication and Media Gurus who spoke to aspiring bloggers about how to advance in the industry and make it work for them.  I was able to take a few Jewels from each speaker to bring it to my own brand for my Mommy Community!

All in all, I am honored to have shared who I am with so many Brilliant Queens! I loved their drive, their personalities, their warmth and willingness to move forward with their dreams!! If you are struggling with meeting others, get out there and network! You will not meet them in your living room! Lol And you surly can’t expand your business by staying in the bed! Get Up, Put your Crown on and Get Out!

This has truly been a productive weekend for me and I am forever grateful!  Love You All! Until next time……


Mrs. Rae


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