Making The Most of Life

Making The Most of Life

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Ladies when I tell you that what your feed your mind will help determine your mood…. it is so true!! However, I truly believe that it is a mental process. You have the ability to make the Most out of your life!! You never want to be the person who is constantly the “Debbie Downer”!

This is the woman who:

➡️constantly holds her head down,

➡️every answer she gives is negative and not well thought out

➡️she constantly believes that she can’t do it,

➡️the procrastinator

➡️wishes to have more but never puts a plan in place to get it done

➡️constantly compares herself to others….

the list goes on and guess what!? NO ONE wants to be around her!

If you are in that rut, get out of it!! Start believing in yourself and begin tackling your goals. I know, I know,  Life happens and so many things get in the way to the point where we forget how to focus on ourselves.  The house needs cleaning, closets are unorganized, workload is heavier, everyone is depending on you and oh goodness, PLEASE make sure you allow time for your spouse. This is enough to make anyone want to say, “Forget This!!” and immediately shut down; therefore, not really allowing yourself a chance to make the most out of your life! When your life becomes so complex that you can not focus its time to REGROUP and REFOCUS your life!

I have provided 10 tips that can help take control and get the most out of YOUR life!

✨Stop believing you can not do what you have set yourself to do

✨Never follow up a comment with a negative

✨Start demanding time to better your situation

✨Become more organized in your thoughts and activities

✨Travel!!! (Force Yourself)

✨Read more

✨Laugh more! Stop being so serious


✨Channel your thinking to Believe in you

✨Begin PRAYING more!!

We can list more and more tips, this is just a blanket of how you can start getting the most out of your Life! When we start taking a look at ourselves and focus on taking control of our own lives, it is only then we can breathe and take time to enjoy the Life God gave us. You only get one, why not make it the best it can be? Start living it today!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog!! I hope that  I have inspired you in some way.  If you know other Mothers who can benefit from our community, please tell her about the Blog! Together, we can support each other and make a difference!




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  1. Time is precious so I choose to handle it positive care only!

    Thks Rae

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