Live For The Moment

If you are a woman, like we all are….. then you know we live life with extreme caution!! Everything we say and everything we do is done with a strategic strategy. I often find myself full of anxiety because I ALWAYS calculate everything that comes my way. For example, if I do this:
✨How will the affect my reputation?
✨Is it displeasing to my husband?
✨Will this impact my children?
✨Is this a negative reflection on my business? ✨How will others view me!?

Sure we must set an example for others; however, isn’t it logical to live Life vicariously through yourself!?

That’s right! Whatever you do, own it! Never fear or worry about what others say or think of you because at the end of the day, you have to live with any decision you make. Yes, I know we all make mistakes; however, we are not discussing that!! Lol!! Live LIFE! Have fun! Laugh! Stop being so uptight on situations! Leave the “what if’s” at the door!

Here are a few tips you can take to seize the moment and live your life well!

✨Never live for anyone else. Whatever you do, do it for YOU!
✨Travel to see the World! Schedule a vaca with your man or make it a girl’s trip!
✨Stop OVER THINKING every situation
✨Take Risks
✨Learn to just let your hair down and LAUGH while doing it!
✨Do NOT think others are worthy of happiness and you are not….

Begin training yourself as an independent thinker and risk taker! Life was given to us to make a difference!! You only receive one, so live it to the fullest!!



Live, Laugh, Love Life!! XOXO

Author: She's Ready Inc.™ A Mom's Guide to Being Fabulous!

As a wife, mother of two and CEO of my own business I share with my husband, I am no stranger to the unique plight of ‘balancing it all’.  Having achieved a Master’s degree in Business, I have  recognized the void of platforms that fully cater to the fashionable and business savvy mom.  Therefore, starting my motivational blog of She's Ready Inc. a Mom's Guide To Being Fabulous! Amidst my inner circle of friends, I am always eager to provide tips and tidbits for managing a full plate. I now have combined my love for style and Mompreneurship, to produce the innovative new brand and looking to inspire you all!

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  1. Great message Ms Rae ….we often forget we have only one life & we must live it to the fullnest & no matter what others think of us we must always think highly of ourselves thx for the encouragement just love your blog & all that it represents.

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