Relationship Building with your Children
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Relationship Building with your Children

Healthy LivingHaving a strong relationship with your children at any age is so important. As a busy mother of 2, wife and CEO of my own business, it gets hard; yet, I find ways that I can support my children especially since they are so young in age. In your case, you may not have a child that is young but rather adult age; therefore, you are continuing a relationship with your child as well as their children for example.

When focusing on strong relationships not only can you develop a since of trust, you also keep the doors open with your child, allowing them to know they can depend on you for anything. If you are one of those parents who say, “I’m not your friend, I’m your Parent!” That is acceptable; however, setting boundaries in your relationship will cover any sense of disrespect.

So what are some tools and steps you can take when building relationships?

✨Support Every Activity they are involved in
✨Volunteer at their school, college, home
✨Have “Movie Night” Dates with them
✨Prepare a meal together
✨TALK in the car about any issue
✨Send a “Just thinking about you” text
✨Send a letter/card in the mail
✨Schedule a mandatory Shopping Day!
✨Hug, Kiss & Show Compassion for them
✨PRAY with them

These are just a few things you can use to get started! Stop believing that you can not change the relationship you have with your child because you can. You just have to try. Many of us are fortunate to have children where as others are not. Your child came from YOU, nurture him/her. Build their confidence. Support them. Love them. Introduce them to things you never had the opportunity to experience….

Thank You for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope it has helped put things into perspective and has inspired you in some way.

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