Building Confidence
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Building Confidence

If you are human, there are moments in your life that you will lose confidence in who you are and what you are currently doing. As strong women, sometimes we forget how fabulous we really are!! In addition, when we have so much or not enough on our plates it’s safe to say we tend to allow our minds to wonder….
Below are a few tips you can use on a daily basis when Building Your Confidence!

✨Validate Yourself
Trust that you do not need ANYONE to validate you and who you are as a person. Simply because others are not “showering” you with compliments each day, does not mean you are lacking ANYTHING!

✨Watch yourself in the mirror
Before you can reveal yourself to the world, you must first be confident in how you carry yourself. Your walk, your talk, your posture, your non-verbal cues…… sharpen up on them and watch your confidence go through the roof

✨Daily Affirmations
Being confident is not just looking at your outer appearance, take care of your inner voice as well! What we tell ourselves in our minds, will have a greater affect on our confidence and what we believe within ourselves

✨Surround yourself with motivators
That’s right!! When you have a positive circle around you, those individuals will uplift you, provide encouragement and appreciate you for who you are! Get away from those who suck energy out you and try their best to lower your confidence. You clearly intimidate them and they are not worthy of your time.

Confidence is key! If you are not pleased with yourself and where you are in life, CHANGE IT!! It doesn’t start with me, it doesn’t start with them, it starts with you Love!

-Mrs. Rae

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