From My Legacy to Yours

From My Legacy to Yours

I remember back when I was 18 years old!! A new college student just getting situated to the lifestyle of adulthood! Since I was the oldest grandchild, I knew everyone was looking up to me and I needed to set a tone for what the next generation should look up and aspire to be. For those of us who had the luxury of attending college, you may have noticed many African-American Sororities and pondered which one was best for you.

I decided MANY years ago at the vibrant age of 19, to become a lifetime member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. My decision was not made because this was the 1st African-American Sorority, or because of the proper hair flip or the sweet sound of Skeeeee-Weeeeee!! Lol!

It’s Me! Founder of She’s Ready, Inc.

I became a member because:

💕I LOVED what they stood for! Merit & Culture
💚Their positive presence in my inner-city Community
💕Their attitude filled with grace and professionalism
💚Their willingness to serve others who didn’t have

I can continue to go on and on; however, this is NOT intended to be a lesson of an AKA Woman. Since I was the eldest grandchild, I really did not have anyone who sat me down and told me why attending College was important and how I would evolve by being an educated woman. When I became an AKA, I gained an unbreakable Sisterhood with women who were just like me! I quickly learned more so how to carry myself with grace as well as the importance of being professional at all times. A lot of those lessons I learned, I have passed on early to my daughter!

My Legacy and Me

As a young child, I did not know what an AKA was, unfortunately. Already, my daughter is excited about College, understands what an AKA Woman is (in her terms) and is always eager to attend events where she volunteers in the Community with me and my Sorors.

I am taking time to express this to my fellow readers; whether you have attended an advanced degree program or not, PLEASE motivate your children early on and explain why we depend on them to further their minds past High School. There are SO MANY opportunities opened for their future when attending as well as incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

I am glad that I have been given an opportunity to show both of my children things that I have learned in my life! Not to mention, my siblings and the younger generation under me within my family. Leave a Legacy behind. Mark your name. Make a difference! 💋

Happy Founder’s Day to all Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated! 💕💚💕

Mrs. Rae

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  1. This was a great ready Rae!



  2. Amazing post! You have definitely held true to being a wonderful role model!!!!

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