You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Says Who!?

You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Says Who!?


Ok! We all have heard this cliché comment. But who believes it? Certainly not me. I totally believe in having it all!! I mean EVERYTHING! Any and everything I want!! However, what exactly is having it all? Well, that is up to you. Every person has their own idea of what “having it all” really is. I personally do not believe having it all is material or monetary means but rather

✨Faith: The Grace of God
✨Family: Cherishing sentimental moments
✨Health: Having a beating heart
✨Love: The ability to love someone special
✨Meekness: The courage to remain humble

The list can go on and on!! When you begin wanting MORE out of your life, you will find yourself engaging in things that will take you higher. You will expect those around you to respect your “Slayage”. Lastly, you will no longer entertain others who bring zero value to your life. Instead, start building your circle of women and see how they can help enhance your life. Start wanting more for yourself!

You have the ability to channel energy that comes your way. Remember, you can have it all and never feel ashamed of having your CAKE and eating it too!



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  1. Rachel,

    The is the first time I’ve seen your blog, and I think you’ve done a really great job!! Keep it up, we only win if we all progress!

    Much love and support,
    D. Green

    1. Thank You so much for visiting and thank you for your encouraging feedback!! Your response is greatly appreciated. It is my goal for Mothers and women in general to be inspired & uplifted, raise our children and not lose our identity in the process.

  2. This is a great post!! You are so right. You can have it all. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this! Very uplifting and encouraging!

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