Year of Ultimate Slayage

Year of Ultimate Slayage

2017 Is the Year of Ultimate Slayage!!

2016 is gone and 2017 is in full effect! Now that you’ve partied with your family, drank your wine and made your resolutions… what are you going to do to KEEP SLAYING on 2017!?

What is Slaying you ask!? Lol!! Right!?
It’s basically the Evolution of oneself! Making sure that everything you do is to the best of your ability and not half done!!

I have provided a few tips below you can use to help you get started:

✨Make sure you are more patient with your children: Take time to explain what you need from them and hold them accountable to get it done. They are children, not adults. Assist them in becoming responsible but do not attack them when things don’t go as planned.

✨Organizing your workload: Adding too much on your plate only looks sloppy!! Get an organizer, write down everything you need to do and schedule a deadline. Stick to it, you’ll have LESS anxiety.

✨Better grooming of your outer appearance: Spruce up your wardrobe!! This does not have to cost an arm and a leg; however, a pressed shirt and fitted skirt never hurt anyone!

✨Command the space you’re in: Have control when you enter a room! Greet everyone with a smile, be genuine when listening and surround yourself with those who are giving you positive energy in return!!

I recently was invited to a “Vision Board” Planning Event and I had an amazing time!! After reviewing the time I spent there on a Friday evening, I made awesome connections, received business advise from other CEOs similar to myself and laughed all night long. This is exactly what we need as busy moms!

Take a look at my images, see what I did and keep in mind what YOU are going to do to keep your Slayage at an all time high in 2017!!







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  1. She’s Ready Inc.,
    I am so excited about 2017 because it’s a new year to pursue my goals. The tip that resonated with me the most is the importance of surrounding yourself amongst positive people. You also mentioned how important it is to portray the energy you want to attract. Your blog is so inspiring and definitely needed for single or married women.


  2. Guess who’s focused for 2017??? 🙋🏽 2017 will be a great year, I know it!!!

    Patient with the kiddos ✔️
    Workload organized ✔️
    Wardrobe revamped ✔️✔️
    Atmosphere in control ✔️

    I’m in love with the new me for the new year now watch me slay for the next 365 days.


    Thanks Rae

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