Set a Goal and make it Plain!

Set a Goal and make it Plain!

SURE we all have goals and ambition but many of us are not sure where to start or begin in our journeys! It is imperative that you take time for yourself and really figure out what you need to do in order to get your goals executed! Although we can not decide for you, you have the ability to take care of this on your own.

✨Start by narrowing your approach to your goal. Too many eggs in 1 basket will only confuse you and cause you to become overwhelmed.

✨Next, weigh out the pros and cons of your goal and how it will impact your already busy lifestyle. Do you need to brush up on your technology? Are there electronic tools that can assist you in getting your goals done in a timely fashion?

✨Decide what your overall goal actually is!!! This is a funny one because as Mothers we tend to over think and add one subject/task to the other making our load much heavier and therefore not really tackling the original goal in the 1st place! Slow down.

✨”Set a Goal and make it Plain” that means to focus on what your goal is, how is it going to benefit you, will it positively impact your children and will it make a difference in your life!!?

Starting today, set your goals! Do not deviate from them and make sure you give yourself time to execute each goal in its own timing. The greatest accomplishments do not happen overnight but rather when we saturate them with love! Believe in yourself and know you got this!!



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