Learning To Let Go Of Stress!

Learning To Let Go Of Stress!

You know like we all know, Moms have stressful days! However, you do not need to house it in your life. There are several ways for you to relieve yourself of unwanted stress!! Take a look below and let me know your thoughts!

💋Take a Yoga Class
You would not believe how much Yoga can help you! Not only is it designed to look within yourself, you also have time to pray, stretch and heal yourself from within. Other women have noticed they have more energy, a clearer focus on what they want to do as well as a healthier lifestyle day by day!

💋Read a Book
Yes, take time to read an inspiring book of your choice. You would be surprised on how reading a chapter per day or a few over the weekend will allow us to reflect on our lives and begin to organize our thoughts and the commitments we have day by day.

💋Schedule a Ladies Night
You deserve time to yourself to laugh, share ideas and fellowship with your friends whom are mainly mothers as well who also need relief from their overwhelming stress. During the time of dinner, you can use this much needed break from your daily activities to discuss goals, vent and have a sense of support from other women who are experiencing the same issues you may be. Allow them to be your support system.

💋Take a Bath
This is one of my favorites!! This is the time where you can light some candles, pour some Eucalyptus Oil in the water, play soft Jazz or R & B (whichever your prefer) lock the door and RELAX! Stress is not just mental but physical as well. Allowing wear and tear on your body without taking care of it can cause more damage to you all around.

There is nothing better than taking time to clear your mind and talk to YOUR higher power. Once you decide to let go of your stress and let God, you will then notice positive changes in your life.

💋 Have S E X
This should NOT be taboo! Having sex actually releases tension within your body that is just dying for you to let go!! So why not enjoy yourself while doing it!?

Understand that stress is unhealthy and you do not have to keep it in your life. Repeat after me, “I am not a believer of STRESS.” Get rid of it and enjoy your Peace. Slay that Honey!

Thank You for visiting. Share with another Mom who would love to join our movement.

✨Mrs. Rae

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  1. I absolutely agree with this relieving stress is mandatory and we all as moms can use these tips! Thanks for this blog! 💜

  2. Yes a stress free mom is a happy mom…I personally shop to relieve but the others are great as well!!

    Thanks She’s Ready💋

  3. Stress weighs you down and causes you to not act like your normal stress. Thank you sooooo much for this blog. I vowed to never let things that are in my control stress me. My favorite is taking a hot bubble bath with soft music. It calms you and releases stress and tension. 💜💜

  4. I love this post!! It’s is very important for us to relax and relieve stress.

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