5 Easy Tips on NetWERKING! Slay That

✨Note to Self✨ 5 Tips on NetWERKING

Never be afraid to N E T W O R K!! Ladies, you would be so surprised how other women are willing to connect with you and share ideas with you. We as mothers and women in general, we have so much common; therefore, we rely on each other to keep one another inspired, motivated and supported!!

So what are some quick tips to help you network and begin circling yourself around “like-minded” women?

✨Tip 1: Try attending a women’s empowerment event in your area! Sites like Eventbrite.com and Social Media can help direct you with what’s happening in your area.

✨Tip 2: Share your UPDATED business card! Please make sure it has all your updated information so others can send you info about their event or what they think you’d enjoy.

✨Tip 3: Dress how you want to be treated! With Respect! When you are polished, people tend to gravitate to you more.

✨Tip 4: Compliment other women and engage in what in what they have to say. Nothing is worst than a conversation only about YOU!

✨Tip 5: Be open to accepting new friends and broaden your circle!

These tips are so easy to master and doesn’t require much at all in helping you to NetWERK. After attending a beautiful tea gathering with so many other talented, business minded and genuinely kind-hearted women; I felt so open, free and at ease.

Mommies, never be afraid network, broaden your circle and meet new people. If you stay in a box, no one is there but you…. think about it.

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Check out pics from the event below! And tell another mother about She’s Ready Inc.!







-Rae 💋

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