Learning to “Let Go” of Business and spend more time with your children!
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Learning to “Let Go” of Business and spend more time with your children!

A great quality of being a Mom is letting business go and focusing on your children. Being a business owner can have its stressful moments. In the past when I was a “Career Mom” it was stressful as well. However, you have to learn when to shut business off. Watch your kids. Allow them to express themselves the way they want! Laugh with them! Learn with them. Bond and Create Memories!!! Everyday isn’t about business.

If you noticed that you are working and working and have neglected to create a schedule you can follow that allows you to spend more time with your children, then you may want to review the following tips below….

Tip 1: Your schedule is unorganized.
It is ideal to invest in a great planner that allows you to see your activities months in advance. There is nothing worst than committing to an event and you have forgotten about where you need to be and why. Take time every night to review what you need to do for the next few days. This simple task will keep you on top of your activities.

Tip 2: You have over committed your time.

Your children have 4 activities each, you are involved at your church, not to mention your volunteer opportunities, you must spend time for your spouse and please DON’T FORGET YOURSELF! Oh my goodness!!! Start scaling back on the amount of time you spend on things that are stressing you out rather than adding value to your life.

Tip 3: Leave work at WORK!

If you finished all your tasks today, great! If not, you can finish it tomorrow. Please understand if you start bringing work home, you will find yourself ignoring your children, their need for your affection and you becoming less involved in their education. I like to say, if you fall ill (God forbid) due to stress, the company you work for will keep going! I’m sorry, it’s just the way of the World. Organize time for activities at work and home activities dedicated to your family.

Tip 4: You have not made your children your #1 Priority.

I’m sorry if I ruffled any feathers. I certainly did not intend to… please understand that we as Mothers focus so much on building a life for our family we forget to build memories! We forget about the importance of Love & Affection. We forget to take time and hug your children in the mornings. Try to talk to them about their day at school or work. If they are younger, read WITH them for 20mins everyday. If they are older, call them to tell them you are praying for them. Kiss them Goodnight. It does not matter the age the of your children, they need you. Make them a priority to assure them you care.

Tip 5: Focus on nothing but your child for the moment.

That’s right, Turn the phone off! Turn the Instagram off. Turn the TV off. Do not read your blogs for the day! Lol!! Focus on your child. Try to connect with them on their level to see what they are up to. Learn what their current interests are. Begin to see how you both can build a strong relationship together.

We can continue to add many tips about letting work go and focusing more your children…the tips added here, are designed to get you started!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog specifically designed with busy mothers in mind! If you know another mother who could benefit, please direct them to follow this blog today!

Many Blessings to you and remember to Stay Fabulous 💋


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