4 Quick Tips now that School has Begun

4 Quick Tips now that School has Begun

Oh my goodness!!! Can you believe Summer Break is over!! Well, for some of us, school has already started or our children attend Year-Round School. The idea is for this post to help you as well as going forward to have a bright and collective School-Year this time go round!

Children are either excited or annoyed when you inform them that it is time to prepare them to go back to school; however, it’s the way of life! You can take a stance as a parent and help your child get in the habit and routine of school with a few quick steps below!

African mother with daughter using digital tablet.
It’s never too early to build your child’s educational future! -Mrs. Rae

Quick Tips:

*Brush up on Math and Reading Skills
Take Atleast 30mins each day from now until school ends for your child to read to you OUTLOUD and then write a few paragraphs on what they’ve read with details and a hypothesis of what they think will happen next. You can do this during the weekends and during holiday breaks. This gives you the opportunity to hear their dialect and what your child understands while reading. In addition, you will have a better grasp on their writing style, comprehension skills and spelling capabilities! Moreover, where you see a disconnection, you are able to help them quickly in that area.

*Go to bed Early
Their brains and body need a chance to develop!! We all know the importance of sleeping! Research shows children need 10+ hrs or more per evening to sleep! Moms need more like 18!! Lol!

*Start an evening routine that will mimic their school schedule
That’s right, get in the mode of School and evening activities! Set boundaries and rules of keeping their school clothes & items organized and ready. This will help you as well so you are not yelling at the top of your lungs each morning, “Where is your ________!” and constantly in a rush!

*Have your child set Goals!!
Go to the $1 Store and purchase a Poster Board.
Next have your child decorate the poster board after he/she has written out his/her goals for the School Year! You can choose to keep this poster board in their rooms or wherever homework is done to keep them motivated on what their goals are! Have them sign it to make it and make it an “Official Contract.” Refer back to it each week as a reminder. I am confident you will see a change and growth academically within your child!

If you haven’t already, start fresh today! Comment below if we’ve helped you or if you’d like to add a quick tip of your own! We as Mothers are in this TOGETHER!!

Thank You for taking the time to read this Blog specially designed with Fabulous Moms in mind! If you know another Mother who can benefit from our community, encourage them to follow this Blog just like you have!

Many Blessings to you!



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  1. As an educator, this is so important! Wish there were more parents like you!!

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