Why You Should Spend Quality Time with Another Mother!


Often times we get so caught up in our daily hustle and bustle that we forget about ourselves and time we actually need to REFRESH!! I (on the left with the hat) have found that if I can not spend time with other women alone, I can spend time with other mothers and allow our children to play! Sounds like an easy task, right? Well, it is. You have the opportunity to let your hair down and talk to share ideas and goals while allowing your children to build their social skills.

Over the past weekend, I had a very close friend come to visit my daughter and me. I found myself excited because we had the opportunity to:

*Share Goals we had for our children
*Mention Individual Goals for ourselves
*Discussed how to build stronger relationships with our children
*Shared therapeutic laughs
*Prayed for one another and more

Just like I used my time with her as an outlet for me to connect with another “like-minded” individual, she used me for the same purpose. It is imperative to utilize your circle of friends to benefit you. Not just for job related opportunities but for your own sanity as well. You would be surprised what you could learn from another fellow Mother💋

Thank You for taking the time to read this Blog specially designed with Fabulous Moms in mind! If you know another Mother who can benefit from our community, encourage them to follow this Blog just like you have!

Many Blessings to you!

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