How to Schedule a Mandatory “Me Day”


So typically Saturdays are filled with running errands and getting the kids situated with the many activities they have going on. Not to mention, grocery store visits, trips to Target and many more…. Instead of leaving Sunday for MORE chores and laundry, schedule a ME DAY!!!

What!? Time for me? Time to myself!? Without anyone? Absolutely, YES!

The purpose for the Me Day is to refocus your plans and goals that you once had. I know you keep putting those things off to the side and say, it will get done or I’ll get to it! NO, you must learn to schedule a “Me Day” for yourself Atleast twice per month! If that’s a stretch, try once per month to begin.

A “Me Day” can Consists of the following:

*Pedicure Appointment (with Champagne)

*Trip to Starbucks with favorite magazine or electronic device to read your fav Blog! (Wink, Wink)

*Take a walk a long the beach to reflect on goals

*A visit to the Spa for a full body message or facial

*Go see a play and have dinner afterward with other moms who need to schedule “Me Days” as well

*Trip to the Beauty Salon

*SHOPPING (A Lil Retail Therapy)

*Visit a Yoga Class

The list can go on and on!! Will you agree with me that we need to start taking time out for ourselves just as we do everyone else?

Mentally and physically, we can not “be there” for our family if we are not feeling 100%. Or angry by the fact that our lives are completely absorbed with EVERYONE ELSE and never us. This is why it is imperative to schedule your time! Take time to rejuvenate. Take time to focus. Take time to actually check off your goals!

I always hear, “people make time for what they WANT to make time for.” Do not deprive yourself of living and loving you! Think about it.


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