So Busy Getting your Coins…You forgot to be a Mom!

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Woman to Woman: Do not become so career absorbed that you miss out on your children and their lives!!

What do I mean by that? We are Mothers; we have to work, right!? That is totally understandable but if you think about the a amount of times you have pushed your child out of your room because they wanted to show you their latest project….


You didn’t ask them about their day when they took the worst exam ever because you were on a conference call.


What about the times you screamed for them to clean their room because company was coming over rather than screaming to clean their rooms because you are taking them to the movies!!?

Sound familiar?

We as strong Mothers, need to take a step back and focus on how we can be better. Let’s put ourselves in our children’s shoes for a change. Tap into what are their desires? What are their emotions? What are their fears? Do you even know their latest accomplishment or do you only know yours? Oh, talk about selfishness right? Not really selfish in those terms but not knowing what your child has next on their plate is a faux pas on us.  Think about it…..





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